Dental Implants

Dental implants are an effective treatment for those with missing teeth or a reduced capacity to bite, chew or speak.

Dental implants are artificial replacement teeth connected to the jawbone and integrated with the body. Once the implant fully heals, a dental crown is placed onto the implant base. This creates the look of your natural tooth and restores its function and can:

  • Enhance appearance
  • Improve speech
  • Increase comfort
  • Facilitate ability to chew
  • Prevent further teeth deterioration
Dental implants require an investment. But when compared with other tooth replacement options in both cost and longevity, they are well worth the price. Materials and methods vary wildly across the globe. Here in our Sydney dental clinic, we use well-known and reputable brands like Nobel Biocare, Biomet 3i and MIS.

Teeth Implant Treatment in Sydney, NSW

A Better Smile Dental Centre is committed to delivering long-lasting dental implants. Our surgeons use world-class procedures and pain-free techniques to ensure comfort and satisfaction. Our surgical procedures are guided by the latest computerised technology. Our dental surgeons have over 30 years of experience in dental implant procedures:

  • Dr Eric Carter, Oral Surgeon Specialist
  • Dr Joel Kligman BDS
  • Dr Simon Briggs BDS
Our dentists are skilled while also providing gentle dental implant treatment that focuses on the best outcome.

Dental Implant Evaluation in Lane Cove and Sydney

To discover if you are a good candidate for dental implants, you will need an exam, necessary x-rays and medical history. This visit will assess your bite, oral health and bone levels.

For dental implants to be successful, you must have ample jawbone structure to hold and support the implant. If your jawbone is receding, you may have to undergo bone grafting. You must also have healthy teeth and gums, and natural teeth to support the implant.
Dental Implant Evaluation Sydney

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We Offer Dental Implants in Sydney

  • All-on-4

    All-on-4 combines dental implants in the maxilla (upper jaw bone) or mandible (lower jaw bone) to support a full arch of missing teeth. This solves the problem of ill-fitting dentures that move or shift when eating and speaking. We can supply patients with dentures in as little as 48-72 hours after surgery.
    All on 4 Dental ImplantsSydney.jpg
  • Mini-Dental Implants

    Mini-implants are thin titanium screws that replace the root of missing teeth. They have the same structure as traditional dental implants and provide long-term stability. The benefit of mini-implants is that they are less invasive and heal faster.
    Mini Implants Sydney.jpg

Tooth Implant Process

  • Tooth Implant Process

    For traditional implants, treatment time can take six months or longer if you require bone grafting or sinus augmentation.

    Typically, treatment requires four phases:

    • Evaluation
    • Surgery
    • Healing and integration
    • Restoration with a dental crown or prosthetic

    We can discuss your unique situation when you have your dental implant evaluation at our Lane Cove or Sydney dental clinics.
  • Benefits To Your Long-Term Oral Health

    Dental implants work with the body to help preserve bone structure. As with natural teeth, chewing provides force to stimulate healthy bone regeneration. As long as you are committed to maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing periodontal disease, an investment in dental implants has the potential to pay back in dividends for decades or even a lifetime.

    Ready to Learn More about Dental Implants?

    At A Better Smile Dental Centre, our team can help you find the right teeth replacement option to fit your budget, health and lifestyle. For patients seeking a non-surgical option, we also provide options such as a bridge or denture.
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