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Our Hygienists are dedicated to offer our patients top preventative dental care. You usually visit the dentist routinely for a dental scale and clean to maintain a healthy smile. Without a doubt, our dentist will ask you a few general questions like if you have experienced any dental problems, pains or aches. Furthermore, our dentist at A Better Smile Dental centre will then carry out a full dental examination of your full mouth, including your lips, the soft tissue inside your mouth, gums and teeth.

Hopefully, you haven't indulged much in harmful habits to your dental care, but If there are any signs of it, our dentist will advise you to do some changes to your lifestyle; such as stop smoking or move to a healthier diet, and of course some tips to take better care of your teeth.

It is right to say that, bad habits could lead to future problems or tartar build up and if you do, you will be sent to our qualify hygienist, she will start cleaning your teeth scale and clean to remove the build-up of plaque and tartar underneath the gum line.

If by any chance our dentist finds any further issues, he will suggest steps to follow. For instance, if you need any repairs to damaged or decayed teeth, attention to gum disease or extra tests to assist any diagnosis.
Habitually, in the course of your check-up, dental X-rays are essential to the dentist to check for a number of issues that might not be easy to find with the naked eye, these can be dental decay hidden in between the teeth, jawbone matters, impacted teeth, tumours, cyst or abscesses. Likewise, children will also need X-rays to check on how the permanent teeth are emerging.

There are different types of X-rays, our dentists will advise you on the ones you need to have. Some of them are very small called bitewings, which will show some teeth at a time. A Larger X-ray called OPG or panoramic X-rays will show your whole mouth, including the structure of your jawbone and everything around it.
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How much does a check-up cost?

If you are cover by your health fund, your dental check-up cost of AUD $200 will be roughly cover by 40%. This includes essential examination, diagnosis, advice and a thorough scale and clean by our qualified Dental Hygienist.

Are dental X-rays dangerous?

Our modern X-ray machines emit very little radiation, no more than you would expose from a day under sun or an airline flight. There are exceptions like if you are pregnant, in which case, an X-ray will only be perform in an emergency situation.
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