Payment options for cosmetic dentistry in Sydney CBD

By A Better Smile

Do I have to pay upfront at the dentist?

One of the biggest concerns when going to the dentist in Sydney is the cost. In fact, ABC News recently reported that one-third of Australians avoid the dentist or delay important dental treatment due to the cost.  Startling figures that our team at A Better Smile Dental Centre find disturbing.

Dr Joel Kligman, founder of A Better Smile Dental Centre’s two Sydney-based clinics believes it’s important to make dentistry accessible to everyone. Being embarrassed to smile because you think you can’t afford cosmetic dental work, let alone risking your life by ignoring your oral health is pressing issue Dr Kligman is doing his best to address.

How A Better Smile Dental Centre is making cosmetic dentistry more affordable

Dr Kligman’s goal has been to make dentistry—both cosmetic and routine, more affordable for his patients. One of his main achievements has been introducing flexible, interest-free, payment plans. The great thing about these payment plans is you choose the payment terms. You can select from 6, 12 or 24 months to make affordable monthly repayments via credit card, EFTPOS or direct debit.

By providing these flexible plans, you can avoid paying a big lump sum on the day your cosmetic dentistry is carried out. Plus you don’t have to worry about paying high-interest rates. You’ll only ever pay the dental work you receive.

To make things even easier there’s no convoluted sign-up process. It’s just one page you need to fill out with your details, no credit checks or waiting for approval.

In addition to our DentiCare payment options, we also offer eDebit to help you pay for your treatment through the use of secure online direct debit, interest-free instalments. An upfront payment is required when you decide to start the procedure. Subsequently, the remaining amount will be taken in monthly instalments as per your instructions. eDebit is paperless and easy to set up.

DentiCare easy payment options vs credit cards

Sure, you can put your full cost of your dentist on your credit card, but think of DentiCare and eDebit a bit like a loan from mum and dad. You’re not going to be charged inflated interest rates for the perks of using their money. When using a credit card, your minimum card repayments each month will only just cover the interest fees and maybe a little off your bill. It’s going to take you a lot longer to pay off and if you were to calculate the interest rate on top of how much your emergency or cosmetic dental work is, you’ll probably be quite surprised.

In-house dental laboratory helps reduce the cost of dental visits

Another way, Dr Kligman has managed to reduce the price of cosmetic dentistry is by the introduction of an in-house dental laboratory. Smaller clinics who don’t have access to their own lab have to outsource their cosmetic fabrication work (crafting veneers, inlays and onlays, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants etc.)  to an external dental laboratory. Not only does this slow down the process, there are courier and services fees which usually get absorbed by hiking up the prices. With an in-house lab everything is onsite. No delays, no courier fees and it all amounts to a faster turnaround time. These savings are passed on to A Better Smile’s dental patients.

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Dr Joel Kligman and the friendly team of dentist at A Better Smile will instantly put you at ease. If cost has been a major concern of delaying your dental treatment, talk to us about our payment options for cosmetic dentistry. Whether you want fast braces or implants, have a toothache or need a fast check-up and clean in 30 minutes flat, make A Better Smile your first choice. You’ll find two clinics conveniently located in Sydney—Castlereagh St in the CBD and Burns Bay Road in Lane Cove.

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