How a good smile matters to your lifestyle

Let’s be honest, like it or not, most people make snap judgements about you based on your appearance. We’re all guilty of it. As much we’d like to think we adhere to the old adages of beauty is only skin deep and shouldn’t judge a book by a cover, we don’t.

By A Better Smile

According to thousands of studies, a good smile will make you appear more approachable, confident and attractive. It also tops the list of the top three things people notice when meeting you for the first time. A good smile is more than just about looking and feeling amazing, it impacts the quality of your lifestyle socially, physically and career-wise.

People with good smiles tend to have more friends

Researchers have discovered those who flash their pearly whites create a positive vibe which others are drawn to. It is hard to frown at someone who’s grinning at you. A smile you’re not embarrassed by will make you appear more likeable, polite and competent.

People with good smiles have better employment prospects

In a recent article Forbes magazine, they reported 28% of job hunters felt bad teeth and the appearance of their mouth affected their success during interviews. Employers may not be able to discriminate against age, race, religion or gender, but there are no laws around not hiring due to the state of your teeth. Bad oral hygiene and broken teeth can significantly hinder your job prospects, particularly if the roles you are qualified for involve working closely with clients, guests or the general public. Broken teeth, bleeding gums and bad breath are not usually the professional image a company wants to portray, whether you’re a receptionist, a sales agent or CEO.

People with good smiles are happier

Gum disease from poor dental care has been linked to a wide variety of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The University of Kansas conducted studies discovered smiling affects your happiness levels. The more you smile, the more fulfilled you’re likely to be. Very rarely does life go exactly the way we plan it, but if you are not afraid to smile, experts believe you cope better and your heart will recover faster when you get thrown a curve ball, such as a death or relationship break up.

People with good smiles have better dating prospects

In the age of Tinder (the world’s biggest dating app), you only have a few seconds to make a good impression. Having a smile you can be proud of will boost your confidence, and this is reflected in your profile photo. Don’t let your teeth be the reason the love of your life swipes on by,

People with good smiles are healthier

Poor oral health can be detrimental to your health. Chronic inflammation in the gums has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The American Academy of Periodontology reported there were also close links between gum disease and serious health problems. It may put heart patients at risk for Endocarditis, even strokes and diabetes.

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