Your smile is one of the first & most important things people notice about you

Extreme make overs AS SEEN ON TV can be done from just a single visit up to few months. With Cosmetic Dentistry individual teeth can be bleached and/ or whitened, lengthened or shortened using dental veneers, straightened or change their angled, close opened spaces and correct chipped places with relative ease using orthodontics procedures.

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We live in a competitive and beauty-conscious society, where a pleasing appearance can mean the difference between success and failure in both our personal and professional lives.

Vanity is no longer a bad word when it comes to improving or enhancing your oral health. Enhancing your smile is just another way to present yourself in the best light possible, as you will look and feel good.

For most of my dental career, I have been fascinated by the potential for not just fixing, but improving the appearance of smiles. Until recently it was often not possible because of the limitations of the materials and techniques available. In the last several years remarkable breakthroughs have been made in materials and techniques that finally give dentists the tools to repair and modify teeth so that they look natural and more attractive.

At A Better Smile Dental Centre we are changing the world by making cosmetic dentistry affordable to anyone. Now you can look like the A-list celebrities without the high price tag and taking advantage of our real interest free payment plans.


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