Why choose Us for your Dental Crown & Bridge work?

Trusted by many Australians, the dentists at A Better Smile Dental Centre have over 20 years experience and hundreds of successful Dental Crowns & Bridges procedures for our patients. We offer the most sought materials: all porcelain dental crowns, metal ceramic dental crowns, one hour dental crowns (Cerec).

And with the latest technology available for dental impressions, 3Shape Trios Color Digital Impression Solution, our in-house dental technician can make and match your crowns to a natural colour in just an hour (only one visit), from just $980

Dental mini-implant diagram
Denture picture
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3Shape Trios Color Digital Impression Solution

If you are researching about dental crowns and the best materials and options available, you will find too many sources of information, sometimes very confusing and full of technical jargon. In our opinions there are three factors you should ponder before committing to a dental crown or bridge work, they are:

Aesthetic vs. Durability

Alternative Treatments


Dental Crowns & Bridges
Additional Information

What are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

A Dental Crown is a custom made prosthetic device shaped similarly as a tooth which covers completely a damaged tooth.

A Dental Bridge is used to fill the gap due a missing teeth using existing teeth to anchor the device. They both are incredibly versatile and useful and they can help to prevent a number of issues like fracture of weak teeth, bad bites and gum disease.

Both devices are cemented onto existing teeth and no additional care apart from brushing and flossing is usually necessary.

Why a Dental Crown/Bridge needed?

These devices are usually needed in the following situations:

  • For protection of weak teeth,
  • Restore an already broken tooth,
  • To support a Dental Bridge,
  • To fill the gap left by one or several missing teeth,
  • To cover a dental implant,
  • For cosmetic reasons.

What kind of materials are available?

The most common materials used for Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges are:

  • Full Metal crowns: Gold, palladium alloys among others,
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM),
  • Resin crowns,
  • Ceramic crowns (zirconium, emax, empress),
  • Cerec crowns.

Your dentist should explain the benefits and drawbacks of each material.

Are Dental Crowns the only option?

No. Check with our dental experts before assuming that you need a dental crown. Depending of your tooth damage, a direct composite filling or a dental veneer could be enough.

We can also redo your old dental crowns that are decaying and replace those dark metal black margin crowns with new non-metal crowns.

How long Dental Crowns last?

This depends on the material of choice, the care you take, and the experience of the dentist, but most dental crowns last many years.

How many appointments do I need?

We usually recommend an initial appointment to prepare the tooth and take a mould to send to the dental laboratory, then a second appointment to cement the dental crown.

How much they cost?

We guarantee savings between 10-40% on dental crowns compared to other dentist and even to "no gap providers".

Dental crowns prices are not associated with level of service or office location. We pride ourselves for making dentistry affordable to anyone.

Do they have warranty?

Yes, A Better Smile Dental Centres provide 8 year warranty in all our crowns.

Our warranty period only applies for patients with twice a year check-ups and dental cleaning in our offices.


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